Things have been crazy lately. I’ve been working on 50 little amigurumis for a baby shower requested by my sister along with projects from here and there. I made bunnies, bears, frogs, etc.

And a gorgeous little princess joined our family on Thursday.

Don’t have to mention, when you begin to do something adorable you become obsessed XD.

sleepy bunny

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June – July CAL

Good Morning,

I haven’t posted anything in the past couple weeks because of the Holy month Ramadan, been busy with the preparation plus we had a schedule to meet our relatives (Trust me we had to plan, we have many relatives :-P) .. I managed though to work on the granny ripple baby blanket. The pattern is a piece of cake, easy to memorize pattern. I worked on it while watching TV.

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A great traditional craft

In the last few days I’ve been having lessons about the traditional craft mom and dad kept talking about, and believe me it was hard. Nonetheless, I had a great time knowing how my parents lived and what they had to go through.

They had to live in farms and had to move from one to another periodically. So, they had to build houses from palm trees to stay at. They built different houses for summer and winter. One with close leaves and the other with separated ones. Their simple life depended a lot on palm trees. Not only in building houses and eating dates but in creating many other tools too and that’s why they had to learn this craft.

This craft is basically braiding palm tree leaves to turn them to a usable tool. I sent a miniature “sufra” to Marie, they used it as a rug to eat upon. 


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Sweet Eleanor Scarf – May CAL

Good Afternoon.

Hope you are having a great day as mine :D..

Last month was a very hard month to me, I had many things to accomplish. First, I had to submit my senior project, this is my final semester by the way :cool:, I joined a craft swap and worked on this amazing CAL (crochet along).. I was crazy Indeed!

Luckily, I had my priorities right.. I finished the senior project and aced it! We got the first award for best projects at our department, computer science 😀 Then I worked like mad to finish Marie’s gifts and delivered them to the post office, my previous post was about that.. And finally, the CAL!

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May craft swap

As I mentioned before we are having craft swap at our group..

I was lucky enough to end up a partner for a great crocheter, Marie Elsey from UK.. she sent me a lot of amazing things:

A pincushion.. A sewing needle case.. A gorgeous bag.. A mini owl key ring..  A box.. And a heart.. Received them in my Birthday ❤


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Last night I had a crazy thought, to start my own blog! and here I am opening one..

This blog is to hold everything I’m interested at..

But first things first, here is a small introduction about me..

My name is Fatima, I’m 22 and I’m a yarnaholic.. I love crocheting and I’m so lucky to be part of JAM made group -facebook group- which I’ve learnt a great deal of amazing things from.. It’s basically a CAL (crochet along) and international swap group, feel free to join us <3..

I’m a computer science fresh graduate and currently studying Japanese 😉

 Thanks for dropping by, all comments are welcomed ❤