May craft swap

As I mentioned before we are having craft swap at our group..

I was lucky enough to end up a partner for a great crocheter, Marie Elsey from UK.. she sent me a lot of amazing things:

A pincushion.. A sewing needle case.. A gorgeous bag.. A mini owl key ring..  A box.. And a heart.. Received them in my Birthday ❤


She received my gifts a couple a days ago, a pink elephant:


It was a challenge.. a different way to make an amigurumi and I had trouble at making the trunk, it ended up a little askew :/.. It was also my first time sewing a piece of fabric in an amigurumi, the ear are mismatched too :p.. I’m having a hard time creating symmetric pieces “^^

Nonetheless, it was a great easy pattern to follow, you can find the pattern at All about Ami..

The second item was a purple doily..


I fell in love with doilies since the first one I made and when I found a charted one designed by a Japanese crocheter <3.. I told myself that I need to make it! The chart was clear as crystal, very easy to follow and does not take a lot of time! I had so much fun and decided to try another doilies chart by the same designer Chinami Horiba ❤ ❤

There are other items too, wait my other posts if you are interested xx

Fatima ❤


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